Wine List

Wine List

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Hot Sake

Hakushika Nama Fresh and Light - 180 ml

Smooth, mild sake with refreshing aroma, aged at a cool temperature before flash pasteurized


Cold Sake

Ozeki Nigori - 375 ml

Sweet unfiltered sake with a creamy finish


Ozeki Pure Junmai - 300 ml

A dry sake with a clean and refreshing taste

Plum Wine - 500 ml Glass Bottle

Produced from selected Japanese Plums using highly developed fermentation techniques with smoothly sweet and refreshingly tangy taste.

5.50 16.00

White Wine

Glass Bottle
Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, Columbia Valley

The wine offers crisp apple aromas and flavors with subtle mineral notes. Ripe flavors of white peach with subtle spice and fresh fruit flavors.

7.5 24
Erath Pinot Gris, Oregon

Ripe melon, kumquat, gooseberry and rosewater sits sweetly on the palate. Refreshing flavors of tropical fruit and nice acidity make it a great compliment to seafood pork and medium to spicy foods.

10 32
Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, NZ

Aromas of fresh snow peas, zesty limes and freshly picked herbs such as thyme and sage. On the palate, juicy acidity is balanced with flavors of melon, passionfruit and ruby grapefruit.

10 32
Two Vines Chardonnay, Columbia Valley

Fruit-forward aromas of apples, pear and melon with hints of sweet lemon, coconut & spice. Bright white fruit flavors, balanced by crisp acidity and a creaminess on the palate.

5 17
Drumheller Chardonnay, Columbia Valley

From the highly acclaimed Horse Heaven Hills Vineyards in Eastern Washington. Tropical fruit flavors with nice creaminess and mild oak. The finish is rich, crisp and refreshing.

7.5 24

Red Wine

Glass Bottle
Two Vines Merlot, Columbia Valley

Plush and balanced, showcasing aromas of cola, cream soda and caramel leading into expressions of vanilla, strawberry jam and usbtle cocoa. Flavors of spice round out the silky finish.

5 17
Erath Pinot Noir, Oregon

Bursting-with-berries aromas mingle with plum, fragrant violet and an alluring hint of caramel. A silky mouthful of bing cherry and pomegranate together with smooth bold black cherry flavors.

10 34
Red Diamond Malbec, Washington State

A classic example of Argentina's most popular wine. The nose presents aromas of ripe berries and pomegranate combined with hints of vanilla and soft tannins.

7.5 24
Chateau Ste. Michelle "Indian Wells", Cabernet Sauvignon

A ripe, jammy style of Cabernet, with dark fruit aromas & flavors. Syrah is added an enhanced richness and concentration to the wine.

10 32


Tsingtao (12oz Bottle) 3.75
Budlight (Draft) 3.95
Kirin (Draft) 3.95
Shocktop (Draft) 4.25
Sapporo (Draft) 4.25